Independent Directorship Services

Client focused

At Directors Solutions, we believe in highly individualized and specialized services to a limited number of clients in order to provide highly professional, independent directorships for corporate entities.

Independent Directorship Services


A Directors Solutions local independent director will contribute his considerable in-depth knowledge and experience of legal and regulatory requirements as well as operational matters, in particular in relation to corporate structures subject to the Luxembourg regulatory framework (such as, but not limited to, investment funds operated as UCITS or AIFs, as well as their management companies or alternative investment fund managers, or PSFs)

Independent Directorship Services


A Directors Solutions local independent director will consciously limit the number of mandates in order to provide bespoke and specialised services to limited number of clients.

Independent Directorship Services


Corporate governance to the highest standards results from all members of the management body of a corporate structure bringing their specifc knowledge and experience to the table. A Directors Solutions independent director can contribute his in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg market and its practices in the following areas :

  • Regulatory and legal know-how in the setting up and operation of investment funds covering the range of available structures and fund products available in Luxembourg and pursuing investment strategies ranging from listed equities to alternative assets (such as private equity/real estate)
  • General questions on governance and operation of a corporate structure
  • Relationship management with and supervision of all delegates
  • Insights from industry bodies (such as but not limited to ALFI, LPEA, ILA, etc.)

Independent Directorship Services

Local Substance

A local independent director, resident in the jurisdiction of incorporation of a corporate structure gives this corporate structure a solid anchor point in the relevant jurisdiction.

At Directors Solutions, we believe that having a full-time Luxembourg resident acting as independent director is an important factor for initiators in order to foster close working relationships with local industry bodies, market actors and, if necessary, regulators.

Independent Directorship Services


At Directors Solutions, we consider it important that an independent director interact with all service providers (whether asset managers or other service providers and advisors) on a regular basis, with the sole aim of ensuring that investor’s interests are placed at the forefront, thereby ensuring the management body does not fail in it’s fiduciary duty to investors.