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Looking for an independent director in Luxembourg ?

In today’s world with the constant evolution of legal, fiscal  and regulatory requirements, corporate structures (in particular for investment fund vehicles) are confronted with the need to be able to draw on deep local and international knowledge and experience as to how these changing requirements apply to them in the present and how they will impact their business in the future. 
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An independant director to

Meet your challenges

Facing up to these challenges requires constant monitoring of the legal, fiscal and regulatory landscape and seamless interaction between the governing body of a corporate structure and the different advisors. It is ultimately up to the governing body to ensure that the corporate structure is in compliance with all of its obligations.

It can be challenging for all initiators, whether of international or national origin, irrespective of size, to keep abreast of all local developments in the jurisdictions in which they are active whilst focusing on investor demands.

It is in a such context that a local, independent director can bring much appreciated added-value, both to the initiator and investors, giving both the comfort that conflicts of interest are avoided.

Our local independent director will be a partner in developing your activities, avoiding conflicts of interest, ensuring that the highest standards of good corporate governance are implemented and adhered to and that appointed delegates are properly supervised.


Independent Directorship Services

We believe in highly individualized and specialized services to a limited number of clients in order to provide highly professional, independent directorships for corporate entities.

Consultancy Services

Robust corporate governance procedures allow directors to keep abreast of every aspect of a structure’s operations. Consult us.

AML/KYC Services

AML/KYC requirements are ever more complex and challenging, and, failing a worldwide harmonized approach, country specific. We provide the necessary expertise.

Interim Management

It can be an arduous and lengthy process to recruit a suitable replacement for an employee that leaves or is absent for a longer period of time.

Effective solutions

Indeed, a local independent director, through his knowledge of the corporate structure for which he acts and the local director’s practical know-how of local market conditions and standards, will be able to help find a solution based on sometimes conflicting requirements or advice.

Your local independent director will also be able to guide you on the implementation and adherence to high standards of corporate governance, thereby giving assurance to both regulators and investors alike that the interests of investors stand at the forefront.

An independent director will provide independence, impartiality, insights into local market practices and local substance to your Luxembourg corporate structure.